Mental Health Issues in our Country

Posted on: December 19, 2012

I know this has nothing to do with my website store, but I feel I need to say something as I have a person in my life that is very close to me with Mental Health Issues. The person I am talking about is 35 years old and has been dealing with many disorders of the mind since he was a baby. This person had Spinal meningitis when he was 10 weeks old, had a spinal tap as he screamed bloody murder for at least 3 minutes, and was in the hospital for two weeks, he survived but the Doctor warned the parents that many things can happen to a person who has had Spinal Meningitis and mental disorders is one of the things. This young man was diagnosed with, Bipolar Mania, Attention Deficit Disorder, and Manic Depression at 8 years old and has been through many kinds of therapy, Medicines and everything else that could be done in his life. despite all this he grew up Married and had two Children which did not go well and he divorced,  got custody of his kids got a good job with benefits and went to a good psychiatrist and put on proper Meds. all went very well for a year and then he lost his job and his benefits, the Meds he needed were $600.00 a month which he could not afford,  so he went to a Free clinic and they would not give him the same Meds. as he was on because of the cost, so they gave him some cheap Meds. and sent him on his way. Within a day or two of taking those Meds. he went completely nuts, wreaked his house inside,  did and said things to his kids that scared them really bad,  fighting with people and wanting to die and thinking of ways he could die,  like suicide by cop. We here in the United States need to make Mental Health a priority, in doing that we may be able to save the lives of the people with the illness and the lives of people they may harm. Make the Meds. they need easy to get, take cost out of it, and give them the help they need with professional Mental Health care people at NO cost if needed. Get rid of the old Reagan law and allow Doctors and family to commit people with Mental health problems if necessary, which means lock them up in an institute where they can NOT get out of until they are better, if they can get better. Thank you blog of mine for letting me vent.


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