About me and my website

I am a retired Business Manager, and my husband is a retired High School Teacher.  We both started our own business after we retired.  My husband has a business called Synline Design,   he designs swimming pools.  I and my best friend Cindy started a business on the web called Hidden Attic Treasures,   it is new and we are both learning how to put a website together.  I did not realize how much work it is to make a website.   Cindy and I ment each other in the second grade and have been friends ever sence.  We both have collected so many things over the years, and we found we still loved hunting for treasures and items that  we remember from our childhood, so in order to keep hunting and buying we thought that we better start selling some things.  Thats where Hidden attic Treasures comes in, it gives us a chance to share our finds with everyone. And by selling some of our items, it gives us room for the  new treasures we find. Like everyone knows spring and summer are the best times to find garage sales and such, and spring is almost here, so real soon we should have some new items on our site to check out.  I can’t wait to get out there and find those treasures.


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