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Hello Everyone!!
Hoping the New Year will be Healthy and Happy for all of you!! Cecilia and I celebrated New Years Eve with a few close friends. All of us shared a chilled bottle of Dom P`erignon Champagne, oh! and it was bubblely and I asked for a doublely!! Ha Ha!! Spent a good part of the night in good company and good spirits. Cecilia and I are hopefull that this is going to be a good year!! We both continue to shop, itemize, research, and also buy for our customers. So far we have been pretty successfull in all our finds and accomplishments. The thrill of the the hunt for that unique item is what continues to be our driving force, to this day. Special Thanks to all for your pleasant compliments about our site, orders, and interest. Thank you for shopping at hiddenattictreasures.com.        Cindy

For three years I have been fighting with my high cholesterol, I could not get it to go down it just kept getting higher. I exercised, ate right,  and lost weight and still my col  was high.  So I was watching the Dr. Oz show one day and he was talking about lowering cholesterol  by taking 1000 mg of garlic everyday, hell what did I have to lose by trying it. So I went to the drug store the next day and bought me some 1000mg garlic pills and started taking them right away.  Three months later I had to go in for another blood text,  I could not believe the results of the blood text, my cholesterol  was almost down to normal.   I can’t understand why doctors don’t try people out on garlic first before they puy you on statins wish cause all kinds of problems sometimes worse than the clo  itself.