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Hello Everyone!!
Hoping the New Year will be Healthy and Happy for all of you!! Cecilia and I celebrated New Years Eve with a few close friends. All of us shared a chilled bottle of Dom P`erignon Champagne, oh! and it was bubblely and I asked for a doublely!! Ha Ha!! Spent a good part of the night in good company and good spirits. Cecilia and I are hopefull that this is going to be a good year!! We both continue to shop, itemize, research, and also buy for our customers. So far we have been pretty successfull in all our finds and accomplishments. The thrill of the the hunt for that unique item is what continues to be our driving force, to this day. Special Thanks to all for your pleasant compliments about our site, orders, and interest. Thank you for shopping at hiddenattictreasures.com.        Cindy

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Hello again World

We have been so busy this month with getting our Coach handbags listed on our, Cloths and Accessories Page,   and on our Ceramics page we have listed more beautiful Roseville pieces. We have a great sale going on for Christmas Check us out. We have done very little shopping this month but we are planning to shop more when the weather gets better.  I want to Thank all our facebook friends for shopping with us and for keeping us busy, and a special Thanks to you Ron Ellis for being one of our best customers.  We would love for people to let us know what things they would like to see in our store, it gives us things to hunt for when we shop.  Merry Christmas to all and One big happy New Year,  Thank you for shopping at: www.hiddenattictreasures.com 

Brand new Coach Tote

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