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I am trying to find a very dear friend of mine who I have not seen since 1979 in Honolulu, Hawaii.  Nanci is 5 foot 3 inches tall,  she is from Portland, Oregon she was married to a man named Michael Roth and they had 2 children, ( Girls ) ,  Kimberly Roth born in 1969 and Kelly Roth born in 1971. Nanci and Michael separated around 1974.  The last time I saw Nanci is when she came to Hawaii,  where I lived at the time, that was in 1979, and I have not heard from her since. Nanci could be remarried and have a different last name, I just don’t know.  I thought reaching out to the internet might help me find her after all these years. I am posting a picture of Nanci and her two Daughters Taken in December of 1978. Please if anyone out there knows Nanci, let her know I am looking for her and she can contact me on my blog here at wordpress. THANK YOU