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I am so upset right now with microsoft and my website store with them. Its a lot of work building a website store especially if you are computer illiterate, which I am. Now for the second time in the three years I have been with them, they want me to upgrade my website to their new better looking website design. I hate this, and I am thinking seriously about moving my website to google. I do really need to make my website store better, its just to take me time to learn how to do that.


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I have just bought 2 really old console radios, one is a 1928, the other is a 1944. I just couldn’t leave these old radios in that barn with all kinds of stuff piled on them, they were dying, so I saved them. Now the work begins, sanding, staining, fixing and putting it all back together again. But this is what I love to do, find stuff and bring it back to life, then find a good home for it. Being retired and doing what you want is so much fun, I just wish I had as much energy as I did when I was young and working, plus I did not have the aches and pains like I have now, but I still love where I am at in life, and I am going to enjoy every second I have left.


  I am sorry to say that Cindy has decided that she needs some rest and can no longer work on the website. That does not mean she won’t shop with me anymore, because we have so much fun together hunting for things and just being together. We have been best friends for over 50 years and we plan to stay best friends.  My grandaughter Marisa is going to help me now with the business, she will be taking all the pictures, writing the descriptions for items and a few other things to help me out.  I sure will miss having Cindy as part of this Business, but she will always be part of my life, Thank God !!  Thank you for all the hard work you put into Hidden Attic Treasures Cindy,  Love you Cindy !!  This is Cecilia signing off now.

Hello Everyone!!
Hoping the New Year will be Healthy and Happy for all of you!! Cecilia and I celebrated New Years Eve with a few close friends. All of us shared a chilled bottle of Dom P`erignon Champagne, oh! and it was bubblely and I asked for a doublely!! Ha Ha!! Spent a good part of the night in good company and good spirits. Cecilia and I are hopefull that this is going to be a good year!! We both continue to shop, itemize, research, and also buy for our customers. So far we have been pretty successfull in all our finds and accomplishments. The thrill of the the hunt for that unique item is what continues to be our driving force, to this day. Special Thanks to all for your pleasant compliments about our site, orders, and interest. Thank you for shopping at hiddenattictreasures.com.        Cindy

Well here we are in 2013, the world is still here and all is fine. We would really like to hear from people out there that have looked at our web-site store, Hidden Attic Treasures. Is there something more we could do to improve our store?  is there other items people would like to see ?  Is paypal the way people like to pay ? We love looking for that special thing someone wants, and so far we have done quite well in finding some of the things we were asked to look for. I would love to hear from you all, please email us at, ceciliamichell@hiddenattictreasures.com or let us know right here. Thank you

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