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Hello again World

We have been so busy this month with getting our Coach handbags listed on our, Cloths and Accessories Page,   and on our Ceramics page we have listed more beautiful Roseville pieces. We have a great sale going on for Christmas Check us out. We have done very little shopping this month but we are planning to shop more when the weather gets better.  I want to Thank all our facebook friends for shopping with us and for keeping us busy, and a special Thanks to you Ron Ellis for being one of our best customers.  We would love for people to let us know what things they would like to see in our store, it gives us things to hunt for when we shop.  Merry Christmas to all and One big happy New Year,  Thank you for shopping at: www.hiddenattictreasures.com 


Just listed 3 more Roseville pieces on our website store, they are the apple blossom design of 1948 and very collectible. Check it out !!  www.hiddenattictreasures.com

Apple Blossom Vase

For three years I have been fighting with my high cholesterol, I could not get it to go down it just kept getting higher. I exercised, ate right,  and lost weight and still my col  was high.  So I was watching the Dr. Oz show one day and he was talking about lowering cholesterol  by taking 1000 mg of garlic everyday, hell what did I have to lose by trying it. So I went to the drug store the next day and bought me some 1000mg garlic pills and started taking them right away.  Three months later I had to go in for another blood text,  I could not believe the results of the blood text, my cholesterol  was almost down to normal.   I can’t understand why doctors don’t try people out on garlic first before they puy you on statins wish cause all kinds of problems sometimes worse than the clo  itself.

I have paypal buy now buttons on all our items,  Paypal is the same method of payment that Ebay uses, it is safe and you only deal with paypal when it comes to paying for you items, not the merchant. I just wonder if there is something I am not doing right on our website store Hidden Attic Treasures?  I am finding it hard to design the website the way I want to on Microsoft Office 360, I wish there was an easy way to post my website store with a different host, I would like to try Google website but I am afraid to try to make the move. Anyway check us out for your Christmas shopping, we have many nice things.   www.hiddenattictreasures.com

Brand new Coach Tote

Don’t forget we have 100% authentic Coach handbags, New and lightly used

Does anyone out there in web-world know of any other site like Ebay ?  Ebay has become more for the buyers and not for the sellers, and their fees can kill your sell. I wish some computor person would create a auction website like Ebay I would try them out right away.


We just listed some really nice pieces of Roseville pottery, and we got a whole shipment of 18 never used Coach Handbags / Purses in. I will be listing three coach purses every month until we run out. These Coach Purses/handbags are guaranteed Authentic, and one still has the Macy’s tag on it.  So please if you have time check us out.  Thank you always,  The Pickin Chicks  At  www.hiddenattictreasures.com